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Food is our life source. With what we choose to nourish ourselves is ultimately what we become. That’s why we believe it is so crucial to be conscientious of what and how we eat. Our mission is to not only nourish the body, but the mind and soul as well. It is one mission to devote ourselves to scouring the globe for the best food and drink it has to offer: It is another to understand the global impact of food and its intersectionality with culture.Our goal is to expand our understandings of the world; to raise our consciousness about what truly nourishes society as well as the individual. Not only does sharing a meal speak to the individual experience, but also to the grander collective. Our journey will explore the similarities that unite us as well as the variables that make the individual experience unique. Join us as we enlighten our minds, fulfill our bodies and enrich our spirits.

Cheers to growing and glowing up together!

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